Current Open Preorders

This collection contains all preorders that are currently open.

While a lot of our items are offered as "ready to ship" (RTS), many items are not currently in stock and will take some time to arrive. Preorders typically take 3-4 weeks (sometimes longer) to arrive from the time the preorder closes, which could be several days after your order has been placed.

All preorder items will include "Preorder" in the title.  The description will also include the closing date/time and an anticipated arrival time to our location. Please remember that the anticipated time of receipt is an estimate. Once preordered items have arrived at our location, we will get them inventoried, sorted, and packaged as quickly as possible. Remember to follow us on Facebook for the most current updates.

We do allow preordered items to be combined with other preorder items and ready to ship/on location items, unless stated otherwise. However, please note that this will delay the shipping of your order

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us!


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